Gridcoin Introduction

  • The following guides explain how to set up the Gridcoin Research wallet client on the platform of your choice.
  • If you have not yet installed the BOINC client, you should read the BOINC installation guide to setup BOINC on the platform of your choice. The BOINC client has to be installed alongside the Gridcoin client in order to verify BOINC account ownership and to access local BOINC statistics.
  • If you want to run Gridcoin in investor-mode only, you do not need to install/run BOINC. In this case, you will only earn POS interest (you do not recieve DPOR payments due to a lack of BOINC crunching).

Install the Gridcoin Research client on the platform of your choice

Installation (Microsoft Windows)
  • Download the Gridcoin Research client.
  • Open the file in the download folder or directly from the Browser. If you are asked to run the file, click yes.
Next installation
  • Once the setup has begun, proceed by clicking the 'Next' button.
Installation Location
  • At this stage, you can select where to install the Gridcoin Research client.
  • It is advised for simplicity that you use the default suggested location. If you select a different install location, you'll need to specify this location in the gridcoin.conf file.
Confirm Installation Installing
  • Click on the “Next” button to install the program.
  • Once the install has completed, press the 'Close' button to exit the setup program.
  • After installing, navigate to the chosen Gridcoin installation folder & execute these steps:
    • Create a shortcut of the gridcoinresearch.exe to place it on your desktop.
    • Right-click on the shortcut on your desktop and go to the preferences.
    • Within the preferences window, navigate to the 'Compatability tab and check 'Run this program as an administrator'. Click 'Apply' and close the Gridcoin properties window.
  • Launch the Gridcoin wallet by double-clicking on the shortcut created on the desktop.
  • If any firewall shows up, you have to allow Gridcoin past the firewall.
BOINC Email Query window
  • As soon as the client starts you are asked to enter your BOINC email address. Enter the one email address used for all BOINC projects.
  • Note: Your email address is secret & will not be shared with the network. Do not share your email address with anyone on the network; if they have your email address they can potentially recieve new rewards on your behalf (not good).
Config Success
  • A window should open stating that a new configuration file has been successfully created; click “OK” to proceed..
  • In case you clicked “Cancel” on the email prompt, you'll be presented with a message regarding how to proceed.
  • You can enter your email address into the config file manually. To find the displayed path you have to enable “show hidden files” in the Windows configuration. Open “gridcoinresearch.conf” with a text editor like Notepad and enter your email address manually:
  • These Gridcoin Research clients are made by the community; User discresion is advised & the Gridcoin Team does not accept responsibility for any harm caused by user generated content (However unlikely it is to occur).
Debian Packages (Ubuntu)
RPM Packages (Opensuse/Fedora)
AUR (Archlinux)
Linux compiling guide located at the Gridcoin Wiki!

This page used to display old mirrored content from the Gridcoin Wiki Linux compiling guide, however this page fell behind updates that were being made on the wiki article. If you want to compile the Gridcoin client on Linux, please do navigate to the Gridcoin Wiki.

Optional post-install gridcoin configuration

    • If you installed the BOINC client anywhere other than the default installation location, you'll need to specify where you installed BOINC in the gridcoinresearch.conf file.
    • Windows: (Note the double backslashes are neccessary. Change location according to your non-default install location)
      • boincdatadir=D:\\ProgramData\\BOINC\\
        boincappdir=C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\
    • Linux:
      • boincdatadir=/var/lib/boinc-client/
    • You need to use the one email for all BOINC projects. Add this to your gridcoinresearch.conf file (unless the gridcoin wizard has already done this for you):